Club Membership

We now normally do tastings online as well as sit down ones.. you can access them all in the link below.

Our Drambusters Whisky Club has been running since before the millennium and is proud to have had tastings with many prominent distilleries and whisky companies.

Whilst most are local, within a 30-40 mile radius, we have many others who travel to Dumfries regularly for our tastings. We also send out a regular newsletter with information on latest events and offers.. many of which are exclusive to Drambusters members.

Drambusters also get access to priority tickets for the Drambusters Whisky Festival which is held annually on the last Saturday in November. Tickets go on sale to the general public on March 1st, but Drambusters are able to purchase them from the beginning of January in the shop. Tickets generally run out in mid March, so this is a real draw for many members.

We hold tastings around every 6-8 weeks and also run various trip during the year. We have been to Arran Distillery many times along with Glengoyne, Springbank, Tullibardine, Morrison & Mackay's warehouse in Perth to name but a few. These are great days out and tickets for these events are snapped up quickly.

In addition to the actual tastings, we will now be offering a 'remote tasting' pack for those of you who wish to join in the fun, but are too far away. For now, this will still be a 'member only' pack with one per member and the price will be from around £20 - £22 per pack of 8 sample measures of the whiskies being tasted at the event.

The price for membership is currently £8 until December 31st 2020 at which time we would invite you to renew. Discounts are available as the year progresses. You can purchase your membership here, or contact us and we will send you out a membership form.

We also run T B's Wine Club where we would normally host around 6-7 tastings per year at a local hotel or restaurant where we would tasting 7 wines alongside a 3 course meal. Currently on hold (although members still get a discount on all non-sale wines).

Finally, in addition to the above two clubs, we also do occasional gin tastings, and indeed it is planned to host online tastings similar to the whisky one we held on Facebook in May 2020. Any tasting kits can be found by following the link at the top of the page. There may also be a rum tasting coming up and all notifications of these can be found by following our Facebook pages, @drambusters and @tbwatsonltd