Club Membership


Our Drambusters Whisky Club has been running since before the millennium and we are proud to have had tastings with many prominent distilleries and whisky companies.

The club itself has adapted to the times and we now do both sit down live tastings and online tastings for each event, roughly every 6 weeks. We have guest speakers at both, and in between we also host some with our own Brian and Callum taking the chair for the evening. All are guaranteed to be fun evenings filled with whisky and laughter.

Drambusters also get access to priority discounted tickets for the Drambusters Whisky Festival which is held annually on the last Saturday in November. Tickets go on sale to the general public on March 1st, but Drambusters are able to purchase them from the beginning of January in the shop. Tickets generally run out well before the event, so this is a real draw for many members.



One of the recent main attractions to the Drambusters, is that only members are able to get into the ballots for limited and special releases – eg. Springbank, Daftmill, etc etc and only when the ballots are finished do they go on our website to all our customers.

The link below takes you to a 2023 online tasting to give you a flavour.