Drambusters Whisky Festival 2023



Tickets are £40 each and are non-refundable.


The Festival will run the similarly to previous years. This year the event will be held in the Main Hall and in the Duncan Rooms with the cafeteria in the middle.

Service buses are available running from the town to the Crichton and we hope to have one or two shuttle buses to run you back to town after the event.

We will of course also have our on-site shop and an extended 'pick-up' area for those of you who like to make your purchases throughout the day. Please do make use of this to avoid the huge queues at the end of the day.

The usual security team will be in attendance as will the two first aiders.. hopefully they will be as unused as in previous years. Drambusters Staff will be there in abundance in their bright orange shirts.

We will be operating the Challenge 25 system of ID both at the door and at our shop, so please do not be offended if you are asked your age at either. Please do not attempt to bring anybody under 18 to the event as they will not be allowed in. Wristbands will be given to attendees on entry and these are required to receive any tasting samples.


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